Ecuador’s Expat Haven – A distant Second Choice

I’m not an expert, but I must say this, Rodi, this was thorough in taking me along to see the sights, sounds and customs. I don’t know about the furry pet bar-b-que, piggy is more my style.

Experimental Expats

Attempting to ease the anxiousness and boredom of our last six weeks in California before we finally begin our expat adventure in Malaysia, I started to reminisce about our visit to another popular expat destination that we decided against. Exactly one year before my untimely dismissal from the work force disguised as a layoff, Diane and I set out to discover what makes Cuenca,  “the most livable retirement community in the world” according to popular retirement publications like, Forbes and even Kiplinger’s. Having thoroughly enjoyed the tourism part of our Expat Destination Research Trip with stints in The Galapagos Islands, the rainforest and Quito, we headed to Cuenca for a few days. Originally planning to stay at The Santa Lucia Hotel, the staff mysteriously refused to allow us three nights in a row even though our local Ecuadorian travel agency requested the rooms almost a year in advance.


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