Empty Cubicles

Rob’s blog, Empty Cubicles, is full of meaning because I watched an old (2009) film, Up In The Air with George Clooney. I heard some of the same phrases and saw the flimsy packet in which he (
George) claimed spelled out the future as a dynasty builder for the person being let go. I wanted to be an expat a few years back because of the deplorable conditions politicians had brought down on our heads. 3 solid reasons that it wasn’t feasible for me:
1. Health
2. Age
3. Money.

Experimental Expats

The day started off as drab and tedious as any other. Then:

“Can I see you in the empty office, please? Right Now?

When the company’s Chief Operating Officer utters those words without looking you square in the eye, it’s not usually a good sign; more so when his office is on another floor, he shows his face three times a year and usually only gets involved in the daily lives of the grunt staff when there’s bad news.

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