The garden challenge update.

Kathy’s garden. Do you wish you could go down to the sea to collect seaweed for fertilizer?


DSCF1530DSCF1556DSCF156311109698_371881116334601_3134116670180236423_n (2)DSCF1101DSCF1538 (2)

Great Day's work fence looking good Great Day’s work fence looking good

Well tonight I have decided to post an update on the garden challenge. Why tonight  you may ask, well it is not because the garden is looking like the one in  my imagination but rather because my daughter Emma has just reminded me  that   the end is not  what  the challenge is really about  ; it is more about the way to the end.

If the end of something  was  all important  and  the  road to that end ignored what indeed would  I have accomplished , no the garden challenge or any challenge   for that matter is  all about  the journey towards the end. As in all things  in life  the roads taken towards a goal often    make amends to the goal itself as the journey unravels many different surprises along the way.

The goal of the garden challenge was to…

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