A Run-On Sentence

Melissa reminds me of some stories I could tell about chickens, peafowl, eggs & incubation.

The Aran Artisan

20150430_151749We’ve kept chickens for a while yet it’s never felt like we had pet chickens–ones we can tell apart from each other and can notice the unique personalities of.  Currently we have a flock of thirteen Black Australorps, lots of the same looking birds. We want different birds so we can name some of them. Tagging these chicks with colored leg bands would work.  One already stands out from the crowd, more golden than blonde.  We were told they were all males, but are hoping that some are female.  The person who gave us the chicks also gave us a half dozen or more fertile eggs of a couple different gorgeous varieties.  I’m kicking myself now for not taking pictures of his beautiful flock. As well as the eggs, he loaned us an incubator and they are on day three or so of incubation.  We also have a couple chickens who are broody and…

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