The Circle of Life

Kim’s post reminds us to celebrate our kin.

Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons

The Circle of Life 

Often subtle changes take place within the circle of life.  They go unnoticed, we may not think of them or miss them altogether.  This past week my father together with other family members shared my home where the circle of life became very apparent.  There was laughter, reminiscing, various family gatherings and the notice of….Change.

My father tires a bit more easily than he used to do.  His movement was a bit slower and he slept longer hours.  Occasionally he took short rests on the sofa.  Still, his wit was as sharp as ever and he had the stamina to tap dance with his three-year old great-grand-daughter.  Silly Great-Grandpa!

My oldest brother’s beard had turned gray with salt and pepper colors throughout.   His dark hair, once thick and shiny had become thin, revealing a bald spot near the back of his head.   An Army veteran…

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