Summer Daze in Minsk

Let’s visit Minsk with J.D. Riso.

Wish I Were Here


Minsk, Belarus – June 2014

I have found the people of Minsk. They are here, on the riverside, strolling along in defiance of the gathering storm. The air is still. Muggy. It clings to my skin. Just a few degrees more and it would be unbearable.

It is time for celebration. Music wafts from all directions. A wedding in a restaurant in Trinity Hill. A Russian song with a jubilant beat, reminiscent of those catchy songs you hear at weddings. A woman dressed in a shimmering copper-colored shift dances out to the street. Stiletto heels on cobblestone. Champagne glass in hand and not a drop spilled. I pause to stare in admiration.


Further along, three teenagers in a pedal boat pull up next to a floating bar. The band on the patio plays a blues rock tune. The teenagers stand up and dance. They pump their arms in the air…

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