Listing the Negatives in Your Life.

Ronovan always has something up his sleeve. Care to join us?


I am going to ask you to make lists today. Not lists to share with anyone. These lists are to be made of negatives of your life. I want you to give the lists the following headings:

  • External Negatives: These are negatives that are outside your control. Things you are not able to personally control your reactions to or veer away from being influenced by.
  • Internal Negatives: These are negatives you are in control of. Things you personally can control your reactions to, your thoughts about, and being influenced by.
  • Temporary Negatives: These are negatives you see as one time events.
  • Constant Negatives: These are those things that seem to be always there to cause you stress and bring you down.

I would give you examples but these are Your Negatives and Your Thoughts of which list they fall under.

Don’t do anything with these lists yet. Simply take the…

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