The Devil only asked for my Little Finger, but stole my Whole Hand

Gun Roswell dished the truth. Read it if you can bear to!

Rantings Of A Third Kind

“I wake up and I see the face of the devil and I ask her, “What time is it?”
And she says, How much time do you want?” Diamanda Galás

The Devil asked for my Little Finger but stole my Whole Hand

You finally sunk onto the level
Where you were ready to deal with the Devil
Cutting the deal might have seemed easy
But what you found out made you queasy

What you didn’t realize when offering one finger
The Devil had hers crossed while your decision was a linger
What you thought was a small and simple deal
Turned out to be much more than a steal

You see, when striking a deal with the Devil
You will be entering at your own peril
To a contract you think you can choose
Much more than you care to loose

So, now that you got what you wanted

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