The Summer I Fell in Love

Christina Michele Francis has a way with words. It makes me want to read more.

I Write To Understand


“Do I have a family?
Yeah, sure kid, I used to.

One night I got a call that her body was found in an old alleyway. Her “friends” dumped her there after an she OD’d on heroin. Left her there to rot, those a**holes. She wasn’t found until three days after she died. Not that I’m surprised. She didn’t have any real friends. No real family. She sold her soul to the Devil the day she left home to live with them. She was only nineteen when she died. A real shame. Left me two brats to take care of too. Not that I mind all that much, gives me somethin’ to do, ya know?

How old are ya again, Nina? Nineteen? You kinda look like her. Stay in school kid. I mean that. Don’t eff up your life like she did.”

Her name is Dusty. That name…

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