Summers in Plymouth: Learning to be Pilgrim

Noelleg44 photos and descriptions remind me of my visit to Plymouth Village.


For me, part of summer times in Plymouth was always spent learning about and being a Pilgrim. This is taken from a post I wrote in 2014 about Thanksgiving in Plymouth, but fits nicely into my current series.
Don’t forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them!

Dressed as a Pilgrim girl, I walked in the Pilgrim Progress. These are held on the first four Fridays in August, and local citizens dress as Pilgrims re-creating their procession to church. The number of persons, and their sexes and ages have been matched to the small group of Pilgrims who survived the first winter in the New World. We marched up Leyden Street, to the clicks of tourists’ cameras.20150727_175732_2_crop

This picture is really old and the resolution is not good but that’s me in the pigtails and the too long dress, walking up Leyden Street. The following is a bit better…

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4 thoughts on “Summers in Plymouth: Learning to be Pilgrim

    • Covey view is a long story. We were part of blogging university. I thought it would be great to Have an international group blogging about where we lived. Someone else was in charge of changing the pictures on a regular basis. I don’t know where this is. It’s sad to say that one by one everyone has fallen away. It seems I am the only one left to post anything. And I’m about through.


      • Meredith, if it gives you pleasure to write, then don’t give up. You need viewers, so visit other blogs and get them to visit you! I blogged away with about ten viewers for a long time – it was just a chance to blow off steam, write about what bothered me or made me happy. Write more about yourself! Where did you live?

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