Rooted in the Land – Home from Holme

Let’s go a hike with Sue Vincent.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

P1110655We headed for Buxton, passing through the town with its mixture of architectural styles reflecting its rise to popularity as a spa. The waters of Buxton have been thought to have curative properties since at least the time of the Roman invaders who named the place Aquae Arnemetiae, the spa of the goddess of the grove. There is a huge limestone cave complex too, Poole’s cavern, that I would like to visit one of these days, where evidence of human occupation goes back beyond recorded history. For now though, we simply needed to get through it.

heather 2015 derbyshire, higger tor, beeley circle, edensor, bak 057“Are we going via the Snake?”
“Not exactly.” I was disappointed. I like Snake Pass. The road winds through spectacular hills and a few miles can take hours, if you are lucky enough to have time. “We’ll just touch the end of it at Glossop.” Oh well… I wasn’t about to complain. We were…

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