Looking for something new and different?

Something you’ve never seen before?

Maybe you’d like some adventure.


Well you’re in the right place – stick around and enjoy the whole world the Covey View way.

Our way of experiencing the many countries on this planet is through the eyes of a local.


We are a band of story-tellers from everywhere.   We want you to know what it is like to live and play where we do.

So take a walk in our shoes and see the sights that are often missed by travelers because they don’t know the secrets of the area as well as a resident.

We will take you to hidden places, off-the-beaten track areas and our favorite local haunts.    Adventure is on the menu too.  Hiking areas, local sporting activities and experiences for active souls will be shared with you.


But we will also tell about the big travelling experiences that are well-known and happen to be in our locality.


Covey View was the brain-child of Meredith from Clarksville, Tennessee,  who started this blog.   Meredith invited her fellow bloggers to join her in this venture to present our part of the world to readers everywhere.


So come along for the tour – it is guaranteed to be spectacular!


Thanks for tuning in and we would love it if you stay tuned for the ride.

There will be a continuing stream of stories from all over the world.   Please visit us often so you don’t miss the latest Covey View news.


Every four weeks we will be changing the Covey View cover picture.   A new photograph taken by a member of our amazing Covey Crew will be displayed.

The current photograph was taken by Karen of daysandmonths photography blog.  It is a picture of the walkway from Karen’s post about  Bronte Beach in Sydney.

Thank you for allowing us to show your great picture Karen.



Happy travelling everyone!

19 thoughts on “About

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  2. hi there!
    just saw the link to this GREAT IDEA on blogging 101 and was wondering if it was too late to join in ? please let me know, im reaally enjoying the posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome Kimberley! It’s not too late to join. The email address for details on joining Covey View is here coveyview@hotmail.com and Meredith will provide the information for you. So glad you are enjoying the posts here! Happy blogging!

      There are more details under the Guidelines for Posting section on the Covey View menu.

      Liked by 1 person

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