Easter Ellen

Here in Toronto, we never san any more than the first “T”. You can always tell when someone is not from around our vast city when they pronounce it with a second “t”.

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In the cold city known as Toranna

It’s legal to smoke marijuana

Now so many are high

Head somewhere in the sky

Work? School? Hey, who would wanna?

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Weekend Away

Wasaga Beach is the longest fresh-water beach in the world. Known for it’s clean sand and the endless shallow waters to play in, I grew up with many visits here over the years.

Although this weekend, traditionally the first weekend of guaranteed warm weather for us, was to chilly to visit the beach, we had a wonderful family time.

Sorry everyone it is a long weekend here…

Sorry everyone.. it is a long weekend here and I will be away for the next few days with no internet access other than maybe my phone. (Going to the cottage). I won’t be back until Monday night or Tuesday morning, so I will catch up then.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Blagging; for starts ( reworked from a fun 2013 post.

This is a post from last year where the prompt was. Daily Prompt: Morphing 
I had a lot of fun with it and decided to rework it a little bit and repost it – hope that you enjoy. 


I decided to use this as an opportunity to morph words into other words with new meanings rather than change the meaning of an existing word.

Blagging:  Writing a blog for the sole purpose of telling everyone how great you are.

Proud blogger

Bee-logging – Writing a blog to keep up with the “buzz”, honey.

Bee cartoon

Dogging – Writing for dog lovers only


Florogging – Writing about your garden

flower smiling cartoon

Blow-ging – Writing to toot your own horn

blowing horn

Zzzzzl…ogling – falling asleep as you are trying to write a blog

falling asleep at desk

Belogging – The sense of community to those who blog


Blueging – Writing when you are really sad and sharing it on your blog

blue blogging

Hog-Blogging – you know.. The ones who post 200 times a day.. 😉 (Just kidding)


Flog-Blogging – For those extremists who want to whip out their hatred daily


Bogging – Writing while sitting, looking out over the moor

happy outside

Pro-gging – For professional bloggers only

pro blogger

Bibliogging – Blogging while in the library

library cartoon

God-ggling – Blogs that for believers


Interogging – Blogs that are written in joint effort with other bloggers

hug cartoon

Blogger’s remorse – “Oh oh… Maybe I should not have written that…”

remorse cartoon

Frogging – for tenors only

singing frog

Bloggling – a boggled, confused kind of blogging

confused pencil

Bagling – For shopping addicts only

shopper cartoon

Clogging – Blogging while sitting on the… you know what


After-blog – the words that are removed after the post has birthed itself onto your blog


Togbloggling – Tacking your post onto anothers’ blog

relay cartoon

Sloboggling – Sitting at home in your less-than-presentable sweats and blogging

slob cartoon

Cat-o-loging – Blogs that for feline-lovers

image by

Clogging – For those of us who like to write about dancing in heavy, wooden shoes

Smogging – Like to write in the big city on a hot summer day, anyone?

Chili-dogging – If it drips onto your keyboard as you are posting.. just admit it.. you need help. We all do, sometimes. 

Top-dogging – yes, yes, yes,… ok – yes.. you are the best. Yes, we know you’re the best. 

Sobling – Yes, yes, yes.. ok – yes.. he is the best, yes, we know.. he is the best.. (can somebody please pass him the Kleenex?) 

End-O’-logging – yes, yes, yes you have finally come to the end of this silly blagging about blogging blog

The end



I thought of something else we should make…

I thought of something else.. we should make a little banner for the side of the page to add to our own sites. One of those “Proud to be a part of Covey View” little boxes or circles.. I would not know how to start doing that.. would anyone here be good at that? If not I can do a little research. I do have a logo program but no clue how to use it.

Hey so nice to finally figure out how…

Hey – so nice to finally figure out how to get onto this! I am so happy to see all of you here. 🙂 Big. Huge. Smiles!