A day at the zoo, Kolmården

A day at the zoo, Kolmården

I am, at the moment not so much online. There are a lot of other activities with my kids now as the summer has come and we are all off for some weeks. Wonderful days when we bake, go for a swim or a walk.

My youngest daughter and I visited the zoo called Kolmården last Wednesday. We both loved this visit, especially the dolphins. I know it might not be right to keep animals behind bars, but this park is awesome. It’s actually the largest zoo in Scandinavia and it’s very nice to visit.

We went on a tour with a ropeway to see the safari park. Here we saw lions, giraffes, elks and so on, all from above. The tour lasted for about 25 minutes. The view over the Baltic sea beside the park was also fantastic.

We also went by foot to se the elephants and camels and other animals on the savannah.

A baby elephant

A baby elephant

We ended up by the dolphins. And we was lucky to see to of them mating, which in the beginning looked like they where dancing. Much affection and they looked like they where in love. It was amazing.

A dance of love

A dance of love




After several hours at the zoo, we went home, both satisfied with our day. On the way out we found these traces…

A tiger?

A tiger?

A “report” from the celebrating of midsummer

I have written a post in my other blog with photos from my midsummer trip to Åland, which is an island between Sweden and Finland.

Se the post here: Celebrating midsummer in Åland


Swedish Midsummer coming up this Friday

Swedish Midsummer coming up this Friday

It soon is that time of the year again…

Time to celebrate Midsummer in Sweden. This is a holiday almost like Christmas for the Swedes. I guess it’s a local holiday. Finland celebrate something close to our Midsummer, but I am not sure if there are more people that does.

Midsummer are celebrated on a Friday, every year, the date varies from the 20-25th of June. It have some historic roots back to the 300-century and one reason to celebrate (historic) are the summer solstice. In the beginning it was a pagan feast which later on turned to a celebration of the birth of John the Baptist.

Today Midsummer have very much became “a huge party”. Many people visit relatives in the countryside, where a “maypole” are in the center for a lot of dancing and singing. The weather always are the worst of the year, but everyone stays outside. I guess that it might seem like a pagan feast for someone who are not familiar with it…

Many women and girls wear a crown of flowers in their hair. I took this photo last year:


A girl with a crown of flowers

For me Midsummer is a celebration of the summer, and it is filled with joy. I feel so happy and grateful when summer begins. We have some wonderful days in front of us:) I will get back to you with some photos from this years celebration. I will celebrate on “Åland”, which is an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

Until then, enjoy this photo from June in Sweden a few years ago, worth celebrating, isn’t it?

An evening in June

An evening in June

Paris was fantastic:)

I have returned from my first time in Paris and well, one picture tells more than thousands words… Here are more than one picture and I sure hope it will tell its own story.

My goal on the trip when it came to photography was to capture different perspectives of known things in Paris and also trying to find some things I never have seen on photos. I think I did OK.

There was not many tourist things on our trip, we did go to the tour Eiffel because the kids wicked to do so, and I visited Sacré Coeur, a fantastic church with an amazing view over Paris. For some info of every photo, please hover the mouse over the picture to see the text.

I wish for you all a great week!

Today it’s mothers day in Sweden

A few weeks later than the rest of you, finally we have celebrated mothers day:)

I woke up this morning, alone with my two daughters, they made my breakfast!

While drinking coffee I scrolled though my Facebook feed and saw cakes, gifts and “look how amazing my children are”… For a second I felt a bit jealous because all my friends seems to have partners helping their children out and that everyone have such “amazing” families. I was not comfortable with that feeling… I gave it another thought and of course:

A moment later I realised how blessed I am, having two wonderful children and also that they spend the day with me, like many other days. This is the greatest of gifts; time spent together, children sure are a blessing in our lives. It is a gift to be close to them, every day, to share tears, laughter, joy and pain. Me and my children are “the three musketeers”:)

This mothers day we decided to pack some food and swimsuits, the weather are still great and it seemed to be a hot day. After making some sandwiches, coffee and more we packed ourselves into the car and went to the archipelago. The first day with swimming and sunbathing. Sharing this experience is fantastic, a lot of laughing, eating and chatting this day.

As you can see there was a lot of wonderful flowers on the cliffs, enough for every mother and child:) We spotted some fish, and some sea gulls. Wonderful birds who screens out “it’s summer”. Now when my children lay in their beds and I look back at our day I know that I could not have wished for a better mothers day, we have had an awesome day.

Long day today I have just caught a…

Long day today, I have just caught a cold and the weather outside is really hot, not a good combination… Now I will have an early evening and try to get well soon. Next week I am going for a trip to Paris with my family and then I have to feel good! It will be the first time for us and we all are excited about it:)
How are you all today?

Mariefred, an old town with a royal history

This is a post that will show you something about my region, a historic region in Sweden called Sodermanland. And it is about Mariefred, an old historic town.

The town was founded around year 1370, it is a town with a lot of old wooden houses. The name Mariefred means “Maria’s peace” or Pax Mariae like the monastery that gave the town its name.

In 1400 a major castle was built here, the castle “Gripsholm”. That castle was taken over by Gustav Vasa in 1530. In his rule the monastery was grounded during the reformation when the Swedes was supported to be Protestants. The castle is still there and today it holds a lot of old portraits of royalties and other old celebrities. It is a museum for everyone to visit, a great experience.

Castel of Gripsholm

Castel of Gripsholm

A town with many wooden houses have often been through some fire… That is the case in Mariefred as well, there have been three major fires, in 1620, 1640 and 1682. In 1682 the church burned down to. There have always been rebuilding in these towns and the houses today are rather old too. The photos below shows how the church looks today.

Mariefred is situated by “Mälaren” which is a major lake that goes all the way to Stockholm and are also connected with the Baltic sea. There have been a lot of  shipping in the past, both gods and passengers. By steam boats… There still is a steam boat going from Mariefred to Stockholm, called S/S Mariefred. It has been in traffic since 1903. Mariefred is also known for its steam trains. Some of them are still in traffic too. There are a lot of people coming to Mariefred to see the old railway station and to travel the old trains or boat.