How Do I Promote My Blog Without Joining A Club?

My question, is quite simple: How do I promote my blog outside of WordPress?

I’m not trying to be ungracious to my fellow WordPressers, but when I started blogging my goal was to have mass appeal, kind of like a newspaper columnist.

Anyone who knows anything about blogging will say the best way to attract a following is to read and participate in other blogs. Ok, cool. Buuuut…as I got more into it, it seemed like depending on that method more or less turns WordPress into a glorified version of Facebook where everyone is so full of themselves that they sit around “liking” each other and swapping pleasant comments.

I see other blogs with hundreds, sometimes thousands of followers. I wonder how many of them are WordPress “courtesy follows.” For the record, I only follow blogs that I sincerely enjoy and would read even if I was not a blogger myself.  I follow many blogs that do not follow me, and vice-versa.  I’m fine with that.

I am on Twitter and spread the word about my blog outside of WordPress at every opportunity. I even have business cards I can pin on bulletin boards at the store. I think I have good content. Still, I can’t seem to get any traction. I know it’s hard to be noticed above the bazillion other blogs out there, but I think I should be doing better.

Again, I’m not intending to be disrespectful or sound like the WordPress community isn’t good enough for me. Still, it would be nice to be noticed from outside the neighborhood.

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Misspelling on purpose.

A tip I found by accident: When creating tags, be sure to include common misspellings. A lot of people will do a google search and misspell their search term. Google will then fly right over your carefully-proofread article! 

I discovered this trick when I myself misspelled “sergeant” as “sargent” in a tag. And whad’ya know…I got a lot of traffic on that error! So I added the correct spelling but deliberately left the wrong one in there. Hey, whatever works! 

Obviously, there is only so far you can go with this, but bloggers should take advantage of other people’s poor spelling and account for it in their tags. 

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What to do when you can’t think of a good blog topic?

I’m committed to one blog article per week. Since I started on January 1, 2014 I’ve been keeping up. 

But some weeks I struggle to come up with a good topic. I start working on the week’s article on Monday for a Saturday posting deadline. The routine goes like this: 

Monday: Come up with an idea and write a short introduction. Do any on line research needed for topic. 

Tuesday and Wednesday: Develop the article, expand ideas, edit on the fly. 

Thursday: Start wrapping it up. Write a conclusion. 

Friday: Edit and proofread. 

Late Friday/Early Saturday: Post article. 

The problem is, if I can’t think of  a good topic, or I don’t like the topic, then the process cannot move forward. This week, I’m recycling a topic I used a few weeks ago and writing a follow up to it. It’s a worthwhile topic but I don’t feel the love the way I did the first time around. 

I’m also conflicted with posting longer & more detailed, but less frequent articles, vs. shorter articles more than once a week. 

I’m not looking for answers necessarily. Mostly venting. 🙂

Thanks for listening, everyone. I’m new here and grateful for the support. 


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Hi everyone I’m relatively new to blogging and…

Hi everyone! I’m relatively new to blogging and came here looking for the same thing everyone else is: A community of support and ideas. I’ve been promoting my blog on my own with limited success. Hopefully keeping at it will eventually pay off.

I’m trying to have mass appeal and (mostly) avoid controversial topics. Maybe that’s my problem…I’m too accommodating and always avoid a fight if I can. It seems no one notices unless you’re screeching about something.

It seems most of the bloggers here are women, and I’m a guy. I’m not sure it matters; it’s just an observation.

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