Anyone want to discuss my book-in-progress with me?

I’m writing a young adult fantasy novel and I really want someone who I can discuss some ideas with, a sounding board of sorts to give me an outsider perspective. And also to proofread little bits of it, and give me some honest feedback. I think that it’s really helpful to get a few different takes on something. Obviously nothing formal, just having a chat and giving me your uncensored opinions on whatever we’re talking about. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting!

Is anyone interested in doing that? It’d be good if you’ve read fantasy and/or young adult fiction before so you’re roughly familiar with the scene. Or just generally if you read a lot.



-The Ace

How do you manage your time?

I know that there are a lot of professional and full-time writers here, but for those of you who have other day jobs or college or something else, how do you manage? How do you fit writing around the other bits of your life? How do you make the time, and are there other things you cut down on for the sake of it?

I was just wondering because I feel that, compared to many people here I’m much more of a ‘casual writer’ who writes whenever she feels like it. It’s something I enjoy and try to squeeze into my day somewhere-usually at night before bed when I’m tired and I need the recharge of doing something creative. It isn’t a daily ritual or anything though or something I absolutely must do, as I know it is for lots of people. Is it the difference between those who are professionals and hobbyists? I’m not sure it is, a lot of people who don’t write full time still spend an enormous amount of time and effort and love on their writes.

But recently, I’m finding it harder to find the time and motivation to write like usual. I have other things I do like draw as well and a huge back log of stuff to watch but still. Does anyone ever feel like that and how do you work round it if you do?



-The Ace