A walk in Södermalm, Stockholm

A walk in Södermalm, Stockholm

Södermalm in early spring

Last weekend we had some excellent weather in Sweden and we went for a trip to our capital. We love to visit Södermalm, a part of the town which is very special and well worth a visit. I wrote a post about Södermalm in the autumn 2014, with some photos from that season, see it here.
Parts of Södermalm is like a small town in the countryside, with small, old wooden houses. There are also some crowded streets like Götgatan and Hornsgatan with restaurants, coffee places and shops. There is a very special atmosphere in this part of Stockholm and I love it:) If you are thinking about visit Södermalm, here is some information: visit Stockholm.

First we walked among the small wooden houses, that have been here for many years… Idyllic, small gardens inside the fences.

Södermalm is built on some hills, there are a lot of walking up and down, which is nice and also offers wonderful views over the town.


View from a hill


Walking up and down…

I will finish this post with some colorful details:

The Bell’s Witch

historic marker

In Adams, Tennessee you will find the historic marker that tells of the legend of the Bell family and the spirit that haunted them. John Bell moved his family from North Carolina to Robertson County, Tennessee in 1803. He was a farmer and became a leader in a local church. He and his family lived peacefully until 1817 when strange things started happening in and around their home.

Stories differ, but here is a summary of what I was told, read and imagined.


One night in 1817 John Bell was disturbed from a sound sleep by knocking outside his home. When he investigated, he found nothing. He reassured his family and everyone settled down to rest before another busy   

The story would stop here, but this wasn’t a one night occurrence. Instead the noises grew louder with each passing night. One day Betsy, John’s daughter, came in from the yard out of breath, and barely coherent she told her mama what she saw at the edge of the wood.

“Mama, it was a weird creature, ugly, I was afraid. I… I could see through it.” Mama comforted her and put her to bed with a cup of tea. Later she told John about it when he came in. They agreed to be wary and cautious while they were out.

That night the noises moved inside the home. The family got little rest from that night on. The demon moved about in the day as well, slamming doors, breaking glass and other unsettling distractions for the family. Eventually, the demon was strong enough to speak.

“Who are you?” John said.

Many times the unseen being gave different names. This particular night she said, “I am the witch of Kate Batts.” That name was used from then on.

“Why are you here?” he said.

” I am here to kill you, John. Betsy you will not marry Joshua Gardner.”

John had kept the strange haunting a secret for a long time, but eventually the strange noises accelerated to physical torment. Kate pulled Betsy hair, pinched her and beat her. John didn’t fare any better. He often felt as if he was choking, and he developed facial tics. He finally confided in a neighbor, James Johnson. James and his wife spent several nights with the Bell’s and confirmed the noises. James and John agreed to call together trusted neighbors to form a committee to investigate.

News as sensational as the Bell’s witch wouldn’t stay a secret for long. Soon people from near and far traveled to the Bell home to experience the terror of the witch, Kate. Andrew Jackson came from his Old Hickory home to witness the haunting. Everyone who visited came away mystified.

John Bell grew weaker each day, until on December 20, 1820 he died. After her father’s death, Betsy called off her engagement to Joshua. Kate’s mission completed, she left without ever revealing her reason for targeting the family. When she left she promised to return in seven years. Folks in Adams say she did for a visit to John Bell, Jr.’s home. There she spoke with John about the past and the future. She left again and promised to return one hundred and seven years.

Strange occurrences continue to be reported in Adams. Many say Kate never left; she will forever haunt the community, making her presences known in supernatural ways. Martha and I live about 15 miles from Adams. Her daughters and their families live there. The legend lives on to this day.

There have been many books written about the Bell family and the witch. The earliest are Authenticated History of Bell Witch by M. V. Ingram and A Mysterious Spirit by Charles Bailey Bell.

There’s a month-long Bell Witch Fest each October. Tonight, Halloween night, is the last night to visit the Bell Witch Cave for a frightful evening of chills and thrills.

Now you can tell your children, grandchildren or anyone else the story of the Bell’s Witch and her evil torment of the Bell family from 1817 through 1820. Tell them she still roams the woods in Adams and plays wicked tricks on the residents.





Hey Covey Crew! I wanted to share some of the pictures of the beautiful view I got to see at KLCC!

Its been years since I went and I’ve never been at night but the view was incredible!




There’s a colourful fountain outside near the park.



This one is closer to the playground but they don’t allow anyone near it, this was as close as I could get!


The display for Ramadan both inside and outside KLCC.




A summer summary in photos

I have just published a post with a summary of summer 2014 in photos. I hope you will enjoy them! Most of the time this summer was spent outside, just like “it should be”.

You can watch the post here: Kerlundphoto

My blog (Kerlundphoto) has another web host than WordPress and I am not able to reblog the post to Coveyview. I hope it wan’t be too much trouble for you to click a link instead. The photos below are a small preview from my summer summary post:-)

I wish you all a great week!

A Horse Story


Ginger, a chestnut mare, was a gift from my father when we were living on Brindley Mt., Alabama. She was skittish, but friendly. I rode her in the fields when I could find time away from the children. Dad also gave my boys a Shelton pony with a cart. That’s a story from another time.

One afternoon friends from Huntsville came to visit. We walked to the barn, and at their request I saddled Ginger so they could have a ride. I decided I’d take her around the barn to get her settled and warmed up. We were trotting around for the first time when we rounded the last corner, and there were my friends laughing a talking. Ginger jumped in alarm, and began rearing in fear. You guessed it I lost my seat and my guest lost their desire to ride.

My neighbor had a Tennessee Walking Horse that he offered to let mate with Ginger.
walking horses
We decided to leave them in the field for their romantic interlude instead of interfering in what is natural. Horses are energetic in their amour; they bite, kick, whinny and dance around each other. I had to wonder if Ginger would survive. Then I silently reminded myself they have been successfully mating without anyone’s help for a long time! Ginger produced a beautiful black male colt.

The Tennessee Walking Horse is gaited horse known for its unique four-beat “running walk”. They have a distinctive exaggerated movement called the Big Lick style. The breed is a mix of Narragansett and Canadian Pacer, Standardbred, Thoroughbred, Morgan, and American Saddlebred stock. It is a popular riding horse because of its calm disposition, smooth gaits and sure-footedness.

Shelbyville, Tennessee hosts an annual national celebration that is well attended. If you’re interested visit http://www.twhnc.com/eventcalendar.htm for a calendar of events.

Nynäs -a walk in a historic preserve

Nynäs -a walk in a historic preserve

Last week we went to a wonderful place for walking. There is an old castle, wonderful garden, some farming  museum with animals for the children, a wonderful plant shop and above all there are great forest sights to walk in.

The history behind Nynäs is that it first known owner was settled in 1328 and her name was Birgitta Jonsdotter. Since then it have been a lot of owners of the property. In 1969 it was partly sold to the state and in 1984 it was completely sold to the state.

The forest and also the sea “Långmaren”  just beside the castle are a nature preserve with a nature trail that I love. I walk here at least once every summer…

We started up our walk from the vegetable garden (who supplies the restaurant in Nynäs).

Next stop on our walk was on a hill with a wonderful view over the sea “Långmaren”, and also below the hill when we got there.

I  could have brought you some photos of the castle, but there was not time for that, you can see it here.

I got stuck in the wonderful nature and the views, as I always do when I get here. I will end up with some amazing plants I found in the forest, they looks almost magic:-)

In the forest

In the forest

A day at the zoo, Kolmården

A day at the zoo, Kolmården

I am, at the moment not so much online. There are a lot of other activities with my kids now as the summer has come and we are all off for some weeks. Wonderful days when we bake, go for a swim or a walk.

My youngest daughter and I visited the zoo called Kolmården last Wednesday. We both loved this visit, especially the dolphins. I know it might not be right to keep animals behind bars, but this park is awesome. It’s actually the largest zoo in Scandinavia and it’s very nice to visit.

We went on a tour with a ropeway to see the safari park. Here we saw lions, giraffes, elks and so on, all from above. The tour lasted for about 25 minutes. The view over the Baltic sea beside the park was also fantastic.

We also went by foot to se the elephants and camels and other animals on the savannah.

A baby elephant

A baby elephant

We ended up by the dolphins. And we was lucky to see to of them mating, which in the beginning looked like they where dancing. Much affection and they looked like they where in love. It was amazing.

A dance of love

A dance of love




After several hours at the zoo, we went home, both satisfied with our day. On the way out we found these traces…

A tiger?

A tiger?

U.S. Botanic Gardens

img_4397In April I visited the U.S. Botanic Gardens in Washington D.C. which is about 25 minutes from my home.

Even though I grew up in the area, this was the first time I had ever visited. It was a gardener’s delight!! The smells were intoxicating and everywhere I looked there were unusual plants and flowers I had never seen before. In fact, that was one of my favorite parts of my visit.

img_44581Here’s a bit of information about the Gardens: The U.S. Botanic Gardens in Washington, D.C. is on the grounds of the United States Capitol. The conservatory is divided up into different rooms according to habitat. A few of these include: the jungle, the orchid room, medicinal plants, rare and endangered plants, the Children’s Garden, and world deserts. Outdoor gardens include a rose garden, a butterfly garden and the First Ladies Water Garden which is a water garden in memory of the First Ladies of the United States.