My summer begins and the garden is decked out in colour.

Come and join Sally, as she gives us a tour of her garden in Spain.

Autumn -time for recreation

Autumn -time for recreation

I love autumn, a wonderful and calming time of the year. This year we have had a warm autumn with very once weather. I prefer to take a long walk when ever I have some time of and during autumn there can be some spectacular scenes in nature. Here you can see some photos from one of my walk some week ago. I hope you will enjoy them and that they may bring some calmness to your mind as well. Just as my walk did for me:)

Withered flowers

Withered flowers



Olive tree

Olive tree

Contrasts in nature

Contrasts in nature



Sea view

Sea view

A morning by the sea

Good morning, good evening or watch ever time you have right now:-)

I love early mornings. The light is awesome and it might be a overwhelming calmness, which brings peace to my mind and makes an excellent start for the new day.


Water lillies

I have made a post in my blog Kerlundphoto where you can see some more of the photos from yesterday’s morning walk. I hope you will enjoy them:)

the gardens of eden – the eden project

i haven’t really been doing much in the weeks leading up to school, and that dreaded first day is creeping ever nearer by the minute…so it was a nice change to get out of the house on monday and take the drive down to cornwall to go visit the eden project with my family! if you don’t know about this place, the eden project is a huge, huge garden full of plants from all over the world – a nature photographer’s heaven! you would not believe the amount of people running about with their cameras, and i was one of them ;3 so grab a chair, put your feet up and take a peek at some of the (good) pictures from my trip! trust me, i took a lot of duds…

average bank holiday weather...

average bank holiday weather…

biodomes are cool too - this one was the mediterranean zone

biodomes are cool too – this one was the mediterranean zone

oh amaryllis...your name's included in so many puns, it's unfunny

oh amaryllis…your name’s included in so many puns, it’s unfunny

i don't remember what type of flower this is, but it reminds me of hawaiian leis

i don’t remember what type of flower this is, but it reminds me of hawaiian leis

more generic flowers - this one's from the rainforest zone!

more generic flowers – this one’s from the rainforest zone!

*insert ice bucket challenge joke here*

*insert ice bucket challenge joke here*

as i was taking the picture another family came up - their conversation went something like "don't put your finger in it!" "it might be poisonous"

as i was taking the picture another family came up – their conversation went something like “don’t put your finger in it!” “it might be poisonous”

the weather cleared up by the end!! finally some non-liquid sunshine...

the weather cleared up by the end!! finally some non-liquid sunshine…

another bonus from this trip (other than the whole amazingness of this place) is that i have a few good pictures to enter in the school photography contest when i get back ^0^ do you guys like these? everybody’s so professional with their photography here, so i know your advice will be good ^_~ thanks!!

~miki ♥

A summer summary in photos

I have just published a post with a summary of summer 2014 in photos. I hope you will enjoy them! Most of the time this summer was spent outside, just like “it should be”.

You can watch the post here: Kerlundphoto

My blog (Kerlundphoto) has another web host than WordPress and I am not able to reblog the post to Coveyview. I hope it wan’t be too much trouble for you to click a link instead. The photos below are a small preview from my summer summary post:-)

I wish you all a great week!

Twilight Moment

Waiting for sunset one night we were watching some ducks going for their nightly exercise before bed time. This photo was taken near Sydney in New south Wales.

I’d Rather Have Classes…



It might be summer at your side of the world but here in the Philippines, it’s the start of the typhoon season. At these months, students and even teachers like me are waiting for class suspensions. Last Monday, when I heard that a typhoon was approaching, I was kind of hoping that classes would be suspended. I always say on my blog posts that I’m so stressed at work and I really wanted to have a day off. And so, last Tuesday I was able to get what I wanted, a day of rest. But now I regret it…

It was still sunny last Tuesday so I expected that the storm would come the next day and I was right. Classes were suspended again on Wednesday. I woke up at 5 a.m. at the sound of the strong wind. I tried to sleep again but hearing the sound of flying iron roofs scared me. Our province was under  Storm Signal no. 3 (although I thought it was only Signal no. 2 that time). My parents were also awake and they told me it had been going on since 2 a.m. so they couldn’t sleep as well.

Our kitchen walls were only made of thin woods. We really hadn’t fixed them yet so I knew they were not that sturdy. My father wanted to tie them up but I was so worried. I was telling him to just go inside the house but he was stubborn as usual. I was really scared of the strong winds. I mean, I remember what typhoon Haiyan made last November and I was too scared it would happen here.

I just went back inside my room and prayed. I felt guilty because I knew I haven’t talked to God lately. I cried. I wished I just had classes that day. I could just wake up early and go to work. I was asking God to let it stop repeatedly. My mother went inside my room and lay down beside me. I was like a child who suddenly felt comfort beside my mother.

She went outside my room again to check on my father. I just wanted to sleep so I wouldn’t feel the fear. I sang Gospel songs until finally, I fell into a deep slumber. I woke up before 8 a.m. and everything was over. However, we had no kitchen walls anymore. I’m still thankful though because my family is safe.

There was a power blackout for two days. We just had electricity back on. It’s time for me to check on what’s going on with the rest of the country…