People decked out in red, white and blue sporting flag pins gathered in the dining room. Friends of my sister came over to be introduced; old friends stopped over to hug and say welcome. We are dining at her club for the 4th of July.

Have you notice when we dine out the menu must always list offerings, well like this:

Cracked Pepper Brisket = BBQ Beef Brisket
Jerk Chicken = BBQ Chicken
Sweet and Savory Ribs = BBQ Pork Ribs
Vegetable Medley = Squash, Onions, and Peppers
Loaded Potato Salad = Potato Salad
Chef’s Special Cole Slaw = Slaw.
The chef wants to paint a delicious word picture to stimulate our imagination and appetite. Sort of like a writer wants to show with description how the scene is set.

After we ate we gathered our lawn chairs and encircled the staging area for fireworks. This event is open to the public; cars continued to line the drive way as the crowds swelled. I noticed 4 teenage boys speaking Spanish who sat in front of us. I do believe they enjoyed the show.

All the surrounding hills glowed with neighboring communities who were displaying fireworks. The You Tube video above is of Nashville, Tennessee, noted for having one of the most impressive shows.

One remarkable thing, the humidity was down from 98% to a cool 47%. We wished for a jacket.