Six word Stories of Happy!

Six word Stories of Happy!

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Happy thoughts

I thinkHAPPY; therefore I am!

said René Dog-carts. Check him out running above. What a happy puppy!

He’s overjoyed to be alive.

Rinse your mind with merry!

What if adjusted our comprehension, cleansed and deodorised our mind’s filters with a rinse of happy? We can still utilise the lessons necessary for staying alive, but boost them with a dose of thrive, instead of just survive.

I am the boss of me!

We may not have complete control over our circumstances. Sometimes it feels like we can’t even find the vehicle let alone the steering wheel, gears, or brakes. And whose giant foot is that weighing down the accelerator pedal like a boulder avalanche inside a Looney Tunes cartoon?

YOU are the vehicle. You’re the master of your feelings. 

You are a champion, a Firework

words cannot embody what you’re worth

Sending lots of smiles to you! 🙂

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Happy Barkday (Birthday) To Me

Let me introduce you to Toby, my Cardigan Welsh Corgi.
He’s three years old today and wanted to tell you how he is celebrating his Barkday (birthday in Human language).

Pirates Cove

pc pie

Cheeseburger in Paradise sang Jimmy Buffett, and many burger joints claimed he wrote it while eating in their establishment. Pirates Cove is no exception.

There still is controversy over the exact location. Edward “Blackbeard” Teach quotes Buffett, “He answered that nobody but himself and the Devil knew where it was, and the longest liver should take all.”

The restaurant, and I use that term loosely, received 4.4 stars by Google. This Pirate-themed, dog-friendly haunt is a local favorite for boaters who enjoy simple American eats & live music. – Google If you make the trip, be sure to have a few bushwacker drinks topped with 151, a strong alcohol. I had one sans 151 topper.
I enjoyed the art work on the buildings.
pirtes cove badge
The badge says it all. The locals have a saying, “I’m going to Pirate Cove to hang out with the riff raff. The definition of riff raff is disreputable people. Well, if we’re there that can’t be so. (t.i.c. – tongue in cheek)
My niece, Crissa and my nephews visited the Cove, the boys to swim, and the adults to imbibe. I enjoyed the dogs on the beach, although it’s nothing like the 3 mile stretch of Huntington Beach Dog Beach, California. I wished even more that Nick could have come. He would have enjoyed running free and socializing with the other dogs.


I’m always encouraged to see establishments who proudly fly the American flag.
pirates cove
The sun is setting. Time to head on back to the condo.