Amanda Does Turkey: An Idiot’s Guide to Holiday Survival

Amanda Does Turkey: An Idiot’s Guide to Holiday Survival

Join Amanda on her hilarious trip to Turkey.
What could possibly go wrong?

Blagging; for starts ( reworked from a fun 2013 post.

This is a post from last year where the prompt was. Daily Prompt: Morphing 
I had a lot of fun with it and decided to rework it a little bit and repost it – hope that you enjoy. 


I decided to use this as an opportunity to morph words into other words with new meanings rather than change the meaning of an existing word.

Blagging:  Writing a blog for the sole purpose of telling everyone how great you are.

Proud blogger

Bee-logging – Writing a blog to keep up with the “buzz”, honey.

Bee cartoon

Dogging – Writing for dog lovers only


Florogging – Writing about your garden

flower smiling cartoon

Blow-ging – Writing to toot your own horn

blowing horn

Zzzzzl…ogling – falling asleep as you are trying to write a blog

falling asleep at desk

Belogging – The sense of community to those who blog


Blueging – Writing when you are really sad and sharing it on your blog

blue blogging

Hog-Blogging – you know.. The ones who post 200 times a day.. 😉 (Just kidding)


Flog-Blogging – For those extremists who want to whip out their hatred daily


Bogging – Writing while sitting, looking out over the moor

happy outside

Pro-gging – For professional bloggers only

pro blogger

Bibliogging – Blogging while in the library

library cartoon

God-ggling – Blogs that for believers


Interogging – Blogs that are written in joint effort with other bloggers

hug cartoon

Blogger’s remorse – “Oh oh… Maybe I should not have written that…”

remorse cartoon

Frogging – for tenors only

singing frog

Bloggling – a boggled, confused kind of blogging

confused pencil

Bagling – For shopping addicts only

shopper cartoon

Clogging – Blogging while sitting on the… you know what


After-blog – the words that are removed after the post has birthed itself onto your blog


Togbloggling – Tacking your post onto anothers’ blog

relay cartoon

Sloboggling – Sitting at home in your less-than-presentable sweats and blogging

slob cartoon

Cat-o-loging – Blogs that for feline-lovers

image by

Clogging – For those of us who like to write about dancing in heavy, wooden shoes

Smogging – Like to write in the big city on a hot summer day, anyone?

Chili-dogging – If it drips onto your keyboard as you are posting.. just admit it.. you need help. We all do, sometimes. 

Top-dogging – yes, yes, yes,… ok – yes.. you are the best. Yes, we know you’re the best. 

Sobling – Yes, yes, yes.. ok – yes.. he is the best, yes, we know.. he is the best.. (can somebody please pass him the Kleenex?) 

End-O’-logging – yes, yes, yes you have finally come to the end of this silly blagging about blogging blog

The end