confessions of a teenage drama queen

we have two shows to put on – one on thursday and one tomorrow.

yes, the big day has finally arrived, and we are pretty terrified. the weeks and weeks of auditions, rehearsals and panic (actually, looking at the schedule, only about a month and a bit) have all boiled together to create something which will only be revealed 7:30pm tomorrow…

the moments before will probably be filled with panic – myself as the main character (don’t ask how i did it, i don’t know either) screaming silently as i flip through someone’s script in a desperate attempt to get my lines together, people running around getting changed into their costumes, projectile vomiting. and tears, lots and lots of them. someone is going to cry, i can feel it. possibly blood and sweat, too.

the actual play is actually made of pretty lame material. it’s actually part of a set of six, all to do with World War One and edwardian stuff. there’s a lot of death, but sadly it’s all slightly underplayed, especially in ours. i was having a conversation with chorus 2, and she agrees with my statement that our play is the least serious – while others are about starvation and suffragettes, we scrub steps and laugh about gertie gitana. i’m also pretty sure our play has the most deaths of named characters in it – three in total. my father, R9832 m shapiro rifles and my mother. fun times!

all that said, however, it was a blast. i made some new acquaintances (who knew one of the sporty year 10s could be so nice?) – none of my friends were in my play, so i had to suck it up and talk to people i didn’t really know *gasp!*. there were some fairly hilarious moments (‘OH I’M SO SORRY!!’ and ‘my father is dead. what a tragedy.’) and i actually learned quite a lot about acting and play stuff through this. i haven’t starred in a proper play like this since year three, when i was eight (i was an ant narrator person in a musical about bugs). so, when the lights come up and the music starts playing exactly twenty four hours from now, i’ll know what to do…

~miki ❤️

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