There’s no place like home

I see life from a unique perspective. Honestly. I’m not about to spin you a web of lies. But I will try to weave a tapestry, of a day in my life.

We live outdoors, in the fresh air. The view is inspired, and my neighbours are the gypsies of the natural world. My food is delivered fresh, though sometimes I must be patient for it to arrive. But I don’t mind hanging around. I’ve nowhere else to be. There is always something new to see.

I work from home. Some may find my work a monotony, but that depends on your point of view. I practice intention-directed routines, to enhance my wellbeing, so that when I reflect on life, it is full of meaning.

When I think about who I want to be, my values are important to me. So what may seem a tedious responsibility, such as when I built my home; I look at the value it brings! My children are safe and sound. I can walk around and my food is delivered free. Even the children’s father came here to me!

If you threaten my family, I will protect them. My venom speaks more than words. And though I won’t see my children grow up, I have given them everything they need. As my time is closing in, I will ask you the most significant thing. What matters most to you?


Orb Weaver Arachnida

Originally posted on Love Happy Notes