One Surprising Benefit to Being Freshly Pressed That Bloggers Can Miss

Ever wondered what happens when one of your blog posts gets Freshly Pressed by WordPress? Read Paula’s account of what exactly happens.

More Blogging Tips From The Insider On Planet Blog

The second of two posts containing Blogging Tips not just for beginners.
Planet Blog is a big world, but with some help from me you’ll hopefully find your way around.

An Insider’s Guide To Planet Blog

Here are some tips I put together, about blogging, during the first week of Blogging 201. I completed Blogging 101 back in April, and can highly recommend both Blogging 101 and 201 to anybody seriously thinking about becoming a blogger or who already has a blog and is looking for some tips and advice about the world of blogging. Both courses are run by WordPress and the next Blogging 101 course starts in November. Why not sign up and learn lots of great information about blogging as well as meet new bloggers who, like you, have a passion for writing.