Thou Paradise of Exiles, Italy!

Let’s take a trip to Italy. Our tour guide is Johanna Massey.

Brighton Beach Boxes

kazg10 gives us an opportunity to see the quaint, beautifully painted Brighton Beach Boxes.


b (1 of 1)
beach-shed-brighton (1 of 1)On my last day in Melbourne a few weeks ago we went to the Brighton Beach Boxes situated on Port Phillip Bay in Brighton at Dendy Street Beach.

They are delightfully bright and each one individually painted by each owner. There are 82 of these boxes located on this beach. They all retain Victorian architectural features with timber framing, weatherboards and corrugated iron roofs. They all remain the same as they were about 100 years ago. None of them have running water or electricity yet are a very sought after property with one selling recently for about $172,500 AUD.

All around the Port Phillip Bay area there are about 1,860 of these
quaint looking beach boxes. We didn’t get to see inside to wonder why they are so precious but they certainly did brighten up the surrounding bay on an otherwise not so colourful day.

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Vacation Photos

Enjoy the photos Elizabeth took on her Florida vacation.

Poetry on Rock : Adalaj Stepwell

I’d never heard of of a Stepwell.


It was during my hitch hiking trip to Ahmedabad, I went to see this marvellous craftsmanship. A stepwell in Adalaj, Ahmedabad.

Adalaj Step wellAdalaj Step well

A stepwell is are well or ponds in which the water may be reached by descending a set of steps. They may be covered and protected and are often of architectural significance.

IMG_2995 (FILEminimizer)

There are a lot of stepwells in Gujarat, but the one in Adalaj is the famous one.

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KAI Presents, The Multifarious… Sally Cronin!

Kev interviews Sally! Two of my favorite bloggers in one post.

Ecuador’s Expat Haven – A distant Second Choice

I’m not an expert, but I must say this, Rodi, this was thorough in taking me along to see the sights, sounds and customs. I don’t know about the furry pet bar-b-que, piggy is more my style.

Experimental Expats

Attempting to ease the anxiousness and boredom of our last six weeks in California before we finally begin our expat adventure in Malaysia, I started to reminisce about our visit to another popular expat destination that we decided against. Exactly one year before my untimely dismissal from the work force disguised as a layoff, Diane and I set out to discover what makes Cuenca,  “the most livable retirement community in the world” according to popular retirement publications like, Forbes and even Kiplinger’s. Having thoroughly enjoyed the tourism part of our Expat Destination Research Trip with stints in The Galapagos Islands, the rainforest and Quito, we headed to Cuenca for a few days. Originally planning to stay at The Santa Lucia Hotel, the staff mysteriously refused to allow us three nights in a row even though our local Ecuadorian travel agency requested the rooms almost a year in advance.


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Monochrome Madness 2 – 5

kazg10 ask for a vote:
Osprey in B & W or color?


Up until a few minutes ago I had absolutely nothing for this week’s challenge.  Over the Easter break we went to the Lismore area via Ballina and surrounds.  We even went over the Richmond River on a car ferry that runs from Burns Point over to South Ballina.  It was a miserable weekend weatherwise with a lot of cloud and not of the interesting kind.  Coming back from the beach we spotted this Eastern Osprey (I think) sitting in a tree.  I wished the reeds were not in the way blowing around in the wind obscuring its face somewhat but short of mowing the grass and frightening off the bird I had to make the best of it.

I post processed in Lightroom and changed it to black and white… I’ve put in the coloured version for your perusal. I don’t mind it in black and white but equally its…

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