Lotus Pond

Thoughts from the road – photos from Lotus

Thoughts From The Road

Even before I got to Kaohsiung I knew that I wanted to visit a place in the city called Lotus Pond.  I saw some pictures of the pond and it looked like a neat place to go and see for myself.  However, my desire to see the pond started to dwindle a little once I talked to some people about it.  Some people said it was great and others said it was bad, but the majority said it was underwhelming.  Since these opinions were coming from both tourists and locals I started to rethink how nice this place might actually be and whether or not I wanted to see it for myself.  Even with the mixed reviews about the pond, I decided that I still wanted to go.

After walking around the pond and exploring the temples alongside the water, I began to understand what people were telling me about…

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Go for it, what ever if might be.

Go for it, what ever if might be.

Go for it, what ever if might be.

Nature loves Us


Paris was fantastic:)

I have returned from my first time in Paris and well, one picture tells more than thousands words… Here are more than one picture and I sure hope it will tell its own story.

My goal on the trip when it came to photography was to capture different perspectives of known things in Paris and also trying to find some things I never have seen on photos. I think I did OK.

There was not many tourist things on our trip, we did go to the tour Eiffel because the kids wicked to do so, and I visited Sacré Coeur, a fantastic church with an amazing view over Paris. For some info of every photo, please hover the mouse over the picture to see the text.

I wish for you all a great week!