Especially for Maria a close up of the…

Especially for Maria, a close-up of the Levanter cloud forming over the top of the Rock.clouds over gib

Hollow rock

mysterious gibraltar

This is my home. It is a magical piece of rock pinned onto the bottom of Spain. It is actually upsidedown, a huge lump of limestone that doesn’t belong to the rest of the land around. It has become a part of our language, *as strong as the rock of Gibraltar* and yet is almost completely hollow!!  But so beautiful inside. Heheheh!! Like all of us!! So I thought I would share some photos from the heart of my world.

gib skull 2Did you know that this skull actually out dates the Neanderthal? That here in Gibraltar there was a thriving community living in the caves? There are numerous relics that have been, and continue to be found deep inside the maze of tunnels that form the body of my home. It is a truly beautiful place, carved from water and time.