Guidelines for Posting

Welcome contributing bloggers!

Covey View aims to showcase your part of the world and share your local scenery, history, culture, festivals, local attractions and anything else about where you live that makes your home special and unique.

An Invitation to Join Us 

Welcome all fellow bloggers!   We know that your part of the world is wonderful and you have many treasures to share with our Covey View readers.  This is another way for your work to be seen and read.

We would love you to become one of the Covey Crew and contribute stories to fascinate and entertain our readers.  Anyone wishing to join us please contact Meredith at  and you will be provided with details for participating in this amazing new group blog!

Nothing is better than a local tour of an area by a resident.  This is helpful for travelers to gain information and for readers to learn about countries they have never  visited.

Header photographs

We will be changing the photograph in the header every two weeks and would much appreciate your permission to use your wonderful photographs for this purpose.   Please leave a note on Covey  Crew if you would like your photograph to be displayed in our rotating header.

Category guidelines

These are our categories.  You are welcome to suggest new categories for posts.

  • Attractions
  • Book Reviews
  • Celebrities
  • Folklore and Tall Tales
  • Interviews
  • Locations
  • Nature
  • Uncategorized

Tagging Guidelines

Please tag you posts with –

  • Your location – State,  city, country etc.
  • Words pertaining to your post e.g.  If you post under the Category  of Attractions please name the attraction in the tag.

Proofreading Guidelines

  • Please ask for fresh eyes to take a look at your post if you are hesitant about a post. While we will try to read through each post and make edits if we catch a mistake, once a post  is live, people are already viewing them. It is best if we can try to do our proofing behind the scenes.

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