15 Signs To Prove You’re A Book Addict

Are you addicted to books? Read this great post from author Alana Munro, and decide for yourself.

Book Review – Despedida de Solteira – Mila Wander

The book trilogy title could be translated as The Bachelorette Party. I tried to review the books separately but I couldn’t do so without spoilers. This is my attempt to review the complete trilogy. I got to know the book at the social networks, becauseit was popular on one of the Facebook groups I joined. The author was publishing the chapters on wattpad and published them on Amazon.
The books tell the story of Amande, a very politically correct woman, addicted to routine and neta freak. She is engaged to João Pedro, her boyfriend for nine years now. Everything is ready for the wedding. It’s only walking down the aisle and say ‘I do.’ But she hadn’t thought about her bachelorette party, though.
Jessica, one of her best friends, had thought that through and planned for Amande the best bachelorette party ever. Their crew would go to a beach house where they’d enjoy a luxury weekend served by very hot men. Amande is afraid of this party, but since she is really in need of a break from the craziness of the wedding planning, she goes. What she didn’t expect was that this weekend would mesa every single thing she had already set up for her life.
At her bachelorette party she meets Caleb, a free-spirited man, which in some aspects was a lot like her. He says and does things that make Amande think and question her previously planned life. He is responsible for setting her free from many taboos. The book, despite its sexual focus, makes us think about other aspects of our wishes and preferences.
It is a very creative writing through both Amande and Caleb’s perspectives on the same events and, despite the fact that it is controversial, I highly recommend these books. It will make you pay attention to your wishes while you follow Amande on the discovery of hers. We’ll be taken to rethink our decisions. Do we plan things according to our own preferences or do we take what people think and expect from us into account?
Even if something is completely planned, the author makes us think that it is never too late to redesign our future. What is your deepest desire?

the sense of an ending


i have literally just finished this book, and i must say, it was one of the best i’ve ever read – and i’ve read a lot of books! the sense of an ending, by julian barnes is a moving and deeply thoughtful piece of writing, about our pasts, our changing memories and how they can affect our lives as we grow older. i don’t want to explain the plot – the amazon page does it so much better than i ever could, but it’s supremely gripping and full of little callbacks to the narrator’s younger days. it’s told in fragments, similar to the nature of our memories, a huge theme in this book.

the book isn’t very long at all – only about 150 pages, and i finished it in 2 hours (yup, i read fast), but it leaves you with many questions that linger long after you finish reading it. the narrator feels like someone you know in real life, you get to know him that well. i would wholeheartedly recommend this book to all of you, and definitely think it deserved the nomination for the man booker prize it got.

“There is accumulation. There is responsibility. And beyond these, there is unrest. There is great unrest.”

~miki ♥︎

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Anyone want to discuss my book-in-progress with me?

I’m writing a young adult fantasy novel and I really want someone who I can discuss some ideas with, a sounding board of sorts to give me an outsider perspective. And also to proofread little bits of it, and give me some honest feedback. I think that it’s really helpful to get a few different takes on something. Obviously nothing formal, just having a chat and giving me your uncensored opinions on whatever we’re talking about. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting!

Is anyone interested in doing that? It’d be good if you’ve read fantasy and/or young adult fiction before so you’re roughly familiar with the scene. Or just generally if you read a lot.



-The Ace