Someone in the future is waiting for your post

Interesting post from Josephine Corcoran about what is happening in the UK so that future generations can read our work.  I wonder if they’ll be in touch with you soon?

Someone in the future is waiting for your post.

via Someone in the future is waiting for your post.

blog stamps!

hey guys! don’t know if this has been done/suggested before (due to school and other related activities, i haven’t been as up to date on covey activities as i would like to be XP), but i thought it would be a nice idea to make some little banners for all your blogs that link to the covey! it would help get a lot more people visiting this little site and would spread even more awareness of it ^^ i designed the banners in a stamp style, since we’re from all over the world! they’re also in a range of different sizes, so you can choose which one you’d like!

admins – can you spread the word about these? it would be nice if everyone put one of these on their blog, to show they’re part of the covey :3 thank you!!!

coveyview250X187 coveyview500X373 coveyview750X560 coveyview1000X750


~miki ♥