How to Write an Author or Writer CV

Great advice here.  Something all us writers should have ready.

My Work Space Blog Hop

Meredith takes us on her workspace blog hop tour and shows us where she does her writing. Come and join us as she shows us around.

Meredith's Reveries

Thanks to Hugh I’m invited to my first blog hop! When Hugh and I first met we were participating in a Blogging University 101 course. He helped us start  Covey View, a blog we wanted to start to keep us in touch with all the wonderful folks we worked with that month in BU.

Hugh’s writing captivated me, and then I learned his dog, Toby, writes too, I’m a fan! Some of Hugh’s work that leaves me in stitches is
The Mildred Awards
Digging Deep
digging deep
as well as photography and some haiku. He’s a busy fellow, but never too busy to help a friend (blogger) along the way. He’s generous with his friendship. I know you’ll enjoy his work space. He has a room with a view. No wonder he writes so well.


I happily accepted his invitation to join his blog hop. Come on in. Would you like…

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New weekly Challenge

Hi Folks,
If Music makes your creativity Pop, could it Jazz up your posts? Could a song title, lyric, melody, or musical instrument bring rhythm to your quavers of note?

Let your art, words, photography, or whatever, rock the blues away; and boogie-woogie with Singing Saturday fever!

What music is the soundtrack to your life? What songs play inside your head or enter through your ears? How do they affect your life, your art, what you write. How does music make you feel?

Join up with your music inspire posts here.

Hey friends I don’t know if you’ve been…

Hey friends…I don’t know if you’ve been to, but Nate James (sorry, too lazy to type in html) and I have been participating in the challenges. We both earned kudos for the “Gargleblaster” (actually, Nate has been recognized two weeks in a row). Check it out:

And if you feel inclined, participate. It’s really fun to stretch and experiment. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to! Hope you all are well.