Happy Barkday (Birthday) To Me

Let me introduce you to Toby, my Cardigan Welsh Corgi.
He’s three years old today and wanted to tell you how he is celebrating his Barkday (birthday in Human language).

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I’m celebrating my third barkday today (birthday in human language) and thought I’d post some pictures of me on Hugh’s blog while he is away from the computer.

I hope you enjoy them and will join me in Chicken and Custard for my barkday dinner this evening.

Chicken and Custard are two of my favourites along with Rice Pudding, Sausages, Cheese and Mince Pies.  Oh, I do eat dog food as well, the other stuff is for treats.

When is your Barkday and how do you celebrate it?

See you all again soon. Lots of barks and waggly tails, Toby (the Cardigan Welsh Corgi)

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Hello, I’m Toby, Let Me Take You on a Walk.

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Would you like to come on a walk with me?  Perhaps I should introduce myself to you first.  My name is Toby and I’m a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  Hi, I'm TobyThere were only 99 of us born in the UK last year, so my breed is on the vulnerable breeds list.  My owners are Hugh and John.  Many of you already follow Hugh’s blog and he does not know it, but I have sneaked on to invite you on a walk with me.  It will take about an hour and fifteen minutes, depending on how many stops I have to take to say hello to my other doggie friends, sniff around, and of course so I can go to the toilet.

I am taking you to Hove Park today and then a quick trip to Hove seafront.Hove Park

Hove Park is my favourite park.  It’s a big park, only about a five-minute…

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