3 Secret Rocky Beach Photographs

A walk along the stunning coastline of Victoria, Australia, produced these photos. The cliffs were wonderful enough but the natural arches and beach caves were the icing on the cake. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Maria.

Old World Charm of Terrace Houses

Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, has many beautiful old buildings. Here are some stunning examples from Drummond Street.

Remembrance Day

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Today is Remembrance Day in Australia.

One Word Photo Challenge: Scarlet

These sunset shots were taken at the Maroochy River, South East Queensland, Australia. We are treated to amazing sunsets here at times.

Golden Sunset River

I love to take aerial shots. This photo was taken flying over my capital city of Brisbane. I hope you like the picture.

Super Moonlighting

The super moon has been gracing us with her charms. Here’s my view of this current nightly spectacle from Mooloolaba Beach, Queensland, Australia. May you bask in the bright moonlight wherever you are.

Winter Sunshine Kisses

It is mid-winter in Australia and some say it is the best time of year here. Without the heat and humidity of summer it is near-perfect. I still prefer summer but I cannot deny the loveliness at this time of year. A visit to Alexandra Headlands on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland made me fall in love with the coast all over again. Hope you enjoy the pictures.